Our Path

Marc, Stephan and Lars worked together for 4 years as well-practiced team at TRIAD Berlin, Germanys top spatial design agency and realized and operated immersive and touristic solutions. They worked together with clients like NIKE EMEA, Ubisoft, Vive X, SIEMENS, Deloitte, EY and many more.

We enhance the customer experience and provide individual and sustainable control by the destination.

Marc Burgdorff

Since 1984, Marc has been developing his tourism and marketing expertise in practice in various activities in the tourism industry. (e.g. Head of Marketing Solution KUONI Zurich, Director of the Baltic Tourism Center and Head of Tourism at TRIAD Berlin, founder of the start-up company HiTouch- Marketing by Games)

Stephan Geyer

Stephan (Master of Science of Mobility Economy) develops and manages immersive innovation formats as COO of TRIAD Edutainment Enterprises GmbH at the Immersive Showroom Berlin / Brandenburg Gate Museum. His expertise in Future Mobility concepts creates further starting points.

Lars Fiedler

As Master of Edutainment Industry, Lars combines innovative technology with new entertainment and communication formats. As Senior Event Conceptionist he was significantly responsible for the technical implementation of all events in the Immersive Showroom.